Our Philosophy  
The philosophy of Charterhouse Solutions is to create no-nonsense solutions using Commercial Off The Shelf technology (COTS). This means to users that complex solutions can be implemented inexpensively whilst leveraging leading edge technology from whatever market it originated from.

Personal computers now provide greater processing power and increased connectivity.. Now you can connect your PC to the internet and access information instantly, and by using this same technology the world of instrumentation has become web-enabled. More and more, instruments are utilising web based technologies to connect to the internet or intranet, be it via traditional wired connections or by wireless connections.

Given that so much more processing power is now available, how can this be used to create better measurement systems? Well, increased processing power has certainly lead to more flexibility, but another great benefit has been to empower the user to construct their own instrument. This has led to the concept of Virtual Instruments (VI's). Users are no longer constrained to the functionality set by instrument manufacturers - creating virtual instruments with exactly the capabilities needed.

At Charterhouse Solutions we use Virtual Instrument methodology to the full which enables us to create the measurement capabilities you need.